making someone look at or
I tinged him good. His eyes burst and he cried tears of blood after seeing that shit.
by Bonertown January 28, 2003
"There Is No God" A gentle correction when God is invoked stupidly.
Sometimes seen as graffiti.
We practiced for months and the defense really busted their asses, but the real win goes to God.
Ting, asshole.
by DevoutOccamist July 23, 2010
The abbreviation for the act of texting
Who are you t'ing
by The Tennis Trio July 28, 2009
<nounjective> used to describe anything whose name or description escapes one's immediate vocabulary due to a brain fart, stroke, or other loss of short term descriptive memory.
Gimme dat ting ova dere!

Hey what's the name of that place with the ting in the stuff?

What's that ting with the what not? Y'know, that ting?
by Wheel2 February 29, 2008
tings can be repalced for anyword an abbreviation
my tings are rising. or is that your tings b?
by ShIz October 29, 2003
just get your tings off her then chip
by SHAZ August 10, 2003

The conscious recognition that one has only just lost their sobriety. Any more alcohol consumed after the 'tinged' phase will result in progressive drunkeness.

Pronounced with a hard g, i.e 'ting-ed'.
"I've just drank four pints and I felt totally fine, now I'm on the fifth, I've just totally felt the ting."
by Zeke & Zen August 23, 2006
A referance to marijuana, originally developed by local potheads in Whitby Ontario
Got any ting?
Bun a ting?
Quick ting later?
by chs December 11, 2003

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