making someone look at or
I tinged him good. His eyes burst and he cried tears of blood after seeing that shit.
by Bonertown January 28, 2003
Any embedded foreign object or small growth needed to be removed from your skull via non-invasive outpatient surgery.
The Dr. had to remove a "ting" he got by playing with his pellet gun, it's not so bad it was only a few stitches.
by Deeconchested January 15, 2013
a word that can replace a object, action or question
im going to go do ting

please pass the ting

by leelum22 April 05, 2011
The best soft drink in the world. Like Lilt but actually made with Jamaican grapefruit.

Favourite drink of ex 6music dj George Lamb.
Guy 1: Right now I'm nutty for Ting.
Guy 2: Oh yeah, it smacks of win. Lilt is proper wooden.
by andTing August 21, 2010
Ting means 'Sexual Favours'. People can have 'tings', meaning that they give each other sexual favours. It can also be used as a saying, shortened from things, but still giving the impression towards sexual influences.
Boy: Hey, what you up to tonight?

Girl: Nothing, got a free house, fancy coming over for some tings?

Boy: Lets do this ting!
by It Ends Here. June 06, 2010
Yet another example of tin-eared rappers butchering the english language... and everyone lapping it up
moron: we doin' big tings bro
moron's friend: ye wurd up massif to erryone in da hiz haus boh! boh! boh!
by felix c March 27, 2007
Pretty lady
by Anonymous September 07, 2003
A Ting is a text that is composed of songs lyrics, thus being a textual way of singing, coined Tinging.
I'll just ting my girlfriend some marvin gaye lyrics. bitches loves marvin gaye.
by TiffanyBizkit January 03, 2011

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