A Wicked Shit Rapper From Fort Worth Texas aka Fort Wicked
Tinman is on Psycho Cage Productions
by Tinman817 November 09, 2007
A male user of methamphetamine.
"Watch out for the tin man tweaking out over their."
by Alfador Adadadwengo August 19, 2007
When a guy skeets in a girl's knee crevice.
Oh no P-Lar, I just tinmanned your prom date!
by Skeeter May 16, 2004
Used to express the lack of feeling in the actions of another. When someone or something has no heart, then it is referred to as a "tinman".
1) That baseball throw was a tinman effort.
2) Your a tinman.
3) Only a tinman would spit in the face of an old lady with only one leg and one arm and a small facial mask with flowers on it.
by tski August 01, 2003
An episode of Stargate SG1 in which the team's consciousnesses become duplicated and placed inside mechanized automaton versions of themselves by a man named Harland. The episode's title is one of Stargate's numerous references to The Wizard of Oz.
Can you believed the robot versions of the SG1 Team all stayed behind with Harland in Tin Man!?
by Jacob McConnell November 18, 2007
verb. to turn the bowl upside down on top of your bong stem and suck through the mouth piece like normal so that the ashes go out of the bowl into the water
dude, tin man that shit so we can load another bowl
by trr420 December 21, 2010
using tin foil as a condom when having sexual intercourse. also can be used as a verb "tin-manning" a girl.
"Hey dude, my girlfriend's being a whore" one of your bros
"Just tin man her" you

"Stop being a bitch or I'll tin man you" you
"OH GOD PLZ DONT!!!" her
"then shudafuckup" you
by STELFO_WAIZ February 15, 2009

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