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People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpiont - its more like a big ball of . . . wibbly wobbly . . . time-y wimey . . . stuff.
Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space

You should always waste time when you don't have any. Time is not the boss of you. Rule 408.
by I_am_The_Doctor September 15, 2013

An abbreviation, similar to LMFAO, to let others know you found something to be so funny it brought tears to your eyes.
That video you sent me was so funny, it brought T.I.M.E. I am still LMFAO!!! Send me another video when you can, OK?
by jaxmeov May 19, 2009
An abstract concept used to describe the linear passaage of events obsesrvable in three dimensions. The "classical" three dimensions (length, width, height) are spatial, whereas time is temporal. Time cannot be directly observed, only quantified in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Time itself is impossible to accurately illustrate in our 3-D world, but is most often represented as a line, moving in one direction at a constant rate.
Time travels constantly in one direction, and is widely believed to be irreversible.
by The Jack of Spades March 01, 2008
Something that never seems to be enough of. If you don't know what I mean, try working!
"The time is gone the song is over, thought I'd something more to say"
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
A Party Or Having a good experience
Tonight, i'm going to a time
by ttdl55 November 14, 2009
Its been a long time coming
I havent heard that in time; i havent heard that in a while
by keville ash November 10, 2009
Short for Times New Roman, an overused computer font. It is also widely used in books.

Teachers usually think that there are only three fonts: Comic, Times and Arial. It's a pain in the ass for Linux users since Times New Roman is a proprietary font.
Teacher: For tomorrow, write an essay on German philosophers. Type it on the computer in Times 12.

Linux user: Damn!
by Delta009 September 23, 2008