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The verb form of time travel, meaning to move through time in a different fashion than normal. This can be forward or backward, which is most common, or it can be up, down, right or left when the user is more insane.
I will use my time traveling device to go back in time and kill my grandfather, thus creating a paradox and destroying reality!
by Tim the Time Traveler February 09, 2005
Being so wasted that you have no recollection of a long period of time.
Man, i must have been time travelling. I remember getting to the party last night, but how did i end up in my bed today?
by Getz December 23, 2003
When you get so drunk that you black out, but when you come back into consciousness you are in a new place at a future time.
After that last shot i started to time travel until i found myself on the bathroom floor.
by The Cab May 25, 2005
A drunken loss of time and place
"I had one foot in the Delorean last night"

"Me and Marty McFly got to know eachother last night"

"Time Traveling is a favorite past time of mine"
by cjamesw January 15, 2009
A vodka phenomenon, where significant periods of time are traveled past and the intoxicated person believes they have teleported to a new physical location where minutes, hours, days, or even weeks have passed.
After five dirty martinis and a dose of Ecstasy I went to the men's room and right when I stepped out I was squeezing the badunkadunk of Queen Latifah from behind in a stall in the ladies room. There were red horned monkeys perched on the walls moving their heads back and forth watching her huge breasts jiggling, and I knew that I had gone time traveling again.
by Lar December 31, 2005
Drinking alcohol until you black out and mentally skip a period of your life.
-Man, you were so hammered last night you passed out on the floor.
-No, I was just doing a little time traveling.
by Shepshizzle April 22, 2008
Waking up and falling back to sleep, seemingly rapidly, with gaps in time spanning 15 to 20 minutes each.
Matt: Ugh, I was time traveling all morning.

Charles: Did Doc Brown give you a delorean?

Matt: No, but my dreams were like a cheap horror film where you only get to see the monster for a second, over and over.
by Radm June 22, 2010
The consumption of multiple road sodas during a long road trip. Generally done to ease the boredom and monotony of said trip.
Driver: Dude, I grabbed a bottle of Jack for the drive 'cause it's a loooong trip.

Co-pilot: Hey, the longer the better...perfect for time traveling.
by spanky655321 September 11, 2007