Extremely intelligent, caring, and fair reporter for NBC. Host of Meet the Press for over 18 years, and the NBC Washington Bureau Chief. Recently deceased; R.I.P.
Tim Russert's interview on Meet the Press last Sunday nailed the issues exactly and didn't distract the audience with political intrigue or slander.
by Xios117 June 13, 2008
Top Definition
Easily one of the better journalists of my generation, noted for being VERY down the middle on the meet press and just widely accepted as freakin' great...He was the man..He was really great and when he died there was constant news coverage on this legend
Tim Russert was a really great guy, and he will be missed
by bob slongy June 13, 2008
Closet liberal; one who poses as independent thinker and journalist, but is using one's position to spread liberal media bias.
Andy Lack, formerly of NBC, currently Jewish godhead of Sony Music, is a Tim Russert.
by Ima feinlan February 08, 2004
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