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are you sure she's still yours?

cuz i just gave her a little "DONGCHI" (look it up if you don't know what it means)

haha, i win her, she's all mine.
whoa, she looks like tila nguyen *pops instant boner*
by %n June 17, 2003
11 168
The hottest woman on the earth. 'david' is a fucking moron, she doesn't have 'the hugest tites'. While her boobs aren't that big she's way hotter than any other female.
shes mine motherfuckers, i actually HAVE had sex with her. Beat that, motherfuckers.
by tila'sman April 10, 2004
44 202
FuCkiN HoT GiRl Th4t LoVeS To FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Vi3t Pryde BITCH!!
TiLa FuCked LiNh LaSt NighT!!
by Linh TRan December 23, 2003
25 183
hottest girl ever
i wanna bone Tila Nguyen
by djskalf December 11, 2003
183 341
1. Mine
GTFO, she's Tila Nguyen
by azndabaitzu1 June 14, 2003
17 188