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a motivational tool involving public criticism of others, such as one's previous teammate - as in Tiki Barber's criticism of Eli Manning that helped Eli lead the Giants to victory in Superbowl XLII
I may have to go tiki on my players on the local news - to help them step up their work performance.
#eli manning #tiki barber #asshole #football #tiki hut
by Snoopy Schwarzenegger April 17, 2008
the most bad-ass word in the whole world; a type of bar with good coconut & pineapple drinks & with grass skirts everywhere; reminds u of hawaii where the hottest surfer in the world lives; a really cool name for a kid; to have random sex; to dance provocatively
Hey Kristen...Holla at Tiki & tell him to come scoop us up so we can go tiki at the tiki bar & maybe find a guy to have tiki with.
by Earin February 15, 2004
a hawiian god who is mean and vicious
the presidents of the united states of america

album- II

track 8
by rusty July 11, 2004
A cute girl who is awesomeus. Anyone will love to be Tiki. Shes smart fun sweet and amazing. All guys want her. Girls are so jealous of her awesomeness and cuteness. They love Tiki. Shes SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PERFECT.
#cute #sexy #girl #teen #fun
by djwdohfks April 14, 2013
another form of using the word pussy
Yo dude tyler garafalo is such a tiki or Man last night i tore that bitch's tiki up
#tiki #tyler #fag #hurd #pussy #tony #romo
by youngpeezy November 18, 2008
Tiki refers to large wood and stone carvings of humanoid forms in Central Eastern Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean.

To describe something west, or wrong.
Tripping out... seeing easter island heads every where.....

That's well Tiki.....
#tikis #easter #island west #head #tripping #wrong
by BigusJonicus January 12, 2012
Slang term for heroine.
I nedd a $100 of the bomb tikis.
#dope #heroine #drugs #needles #shoot up
by Johnny Tats October 16, 2007
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