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Gigantic breasts on a girl.
Damn, she got some tigole bitties.
by Jesse October 20, 2004
73 25
a play on words:
Big ole titties
See also jugs
Damn! Look at those tig ole bitties!!
by HomerCO March 05, 2004
139 28
A Term meaning Very large Breasts. Derived from Big Ole Titties. Huge Jugs.
Damn son. That girl has got some tig ole' bitties
by Big Greasy November 29, 2005
80 10
Big ol' titties
She's got some tigole bitties
by anonymous March 30, 2003
34 6
the phrase made when you switch around the first letters of the phrase big old titties.

more appropriate to say in public than big ole titties.
john: do you know that chick jenifer?
erik: yeah she got them tig ole bitties
by asdqwz December 28, 2007
27 9
a fun way of saying (big ole tittys)
devin-"that girls got some tig ole bittys"
paul-" those are huge"
by devin da pimp May 23, 2005
18 7