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Thighty Whiteys are more used by girls then boys. Girls will probably laugh if they see you wearing these. These are girls underwear.
Tighty whiteys boys or girls? I asked a girl what was wrong with Thighty Whiteys when I was in year 7. She pulled my trousers down and pulled her skirt down and we were wearing the same Womens underwear.

Another time I was forced to wear my twin sisters knickers but I forgot we had gym. I was pushed into the girls changing room just wearing my knickers and they were all in there bras and knickers. They gave me a hanging wedgie and took pictures to send to the school website. They got a long last lipstick and put some on my lips and wrote Sexy Girl on my nipples. I was so embarrassed I wet my knickers. Know I wear my sister pink bra ad knickers everyday because if I don't people will see the Sexy Girl written on me.
by D unknown H February 03, 2008
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