A young girl, usually between the ages of 12 to 15. She enjoys getting smashed off of three coolers and making a complete fool of herself.
A "tightie" is exactly the same as an "lg" but better. It is not a compliment when you are called a tightie. It is meant to be offensive..
These common creatures thrive off older men. They love the dick
"Man did you see that Tightie laying on the floor over there? she had like 2 coolers and shes fucking smashed."

"Did you hear Kendal smashed her chin slipping on ice chasing Jeremy? Dude..she's a tightie"

"Did you hear James got seduced by some tightie, poor guy. i cant believe he fell into her trap!!"

"i wanna get laid...LETS GO TIGHTIE HUNTING!"
by LGHUNTERS January 30, 2009
Top Definition
A description of a girl whose vagina is unusually tight. Often this is a sign of a girl who is a virgin or hasn't had extensive sexual encounters or a man with a large girth penetrate her.
Becky is a real tightie for a senior, but as valedictorian, I guess she hasn't had much timme for sex during high school.
by BRD May 05, 2005
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