Pants which are very tight.
Whoa, look at that girl's tightpants!
by Xandra-izzle. August 24, 2006
Top Definition
when a guy is happy =)
The viagra made him have tight pants.
by sammeh3 June 30, 2006
A form of pants that will hug one person's balls constantly. Tight pants usually occur on 14 year old sluts, or skaters who act hardcore. They usually come in small sizes such as Nut-hugging, Ass-attention, and Hey-I'm-fat-look-at-my-ass. Brands like Kr3w, and Circa.

Fat kids who wear tight pants usually are joked and then beaten up for looking like a dumbass.
Jerry: What's up bro. Trying to smoke today?
Mike: Nah man. I just got some hott ass tight pants.
Jerry: Man hit me up with a pair.
Mike: A'ight man peace!

(Jerry lowers his pants due to the tight pants)
by Jesse L May 23, 2007
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