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something that is good or cool can also mean close friends
your stereo is tight!
we're tight.
by mj2k10 March 09, 2010
1 0
A feeling you have after a few drinks, typically more than buzzed but not full out drunk
He felt more pleasantly tight than at any time since just before that blank period last night
by Tommmmmmmmm August 28, 2009
1 0
1. small or elastic space
2. hot, cool or 'in'
3. to be angry
1. That was one tight pussy.
2. Yo, that nigga's kicks were tight.
3. That mothafucka had me tight about some shit.
by the honorable Jennichka December 22, 2005
9 8
1. close together or without flexibility
2. a term used by preppies to mean that something is cool or awesome (special rule: if you don't want to sound like a silly preppy, then you MUST follow tight up with the word vagina whenever you use it in the awesome context(this rule was created by my man, colin lamb))
1. these pants are so tight my balls cant breathe
2.a(preppy). those shoes are TIGHT!
b(not preppy). those shoes are TIGHT.... vagina!
by Dave January 09, 2004
7 6
(adj.)cool;rad pertaning to verbs or nouns
Tight 360 man! It must me that blind you got.
by Josh November 14, 2003
2 1
Fucked up;drunk
Man, that Hennesy has got me tight!
by arp July 23, 2003
11 10
way you feel after a couple drinks
man after I downed a few henny's I was feeling tight!
by anonymous July 08, 2003
4 3