I got this friend who thinks he's a kingpin-baller-hard ass, and when he walks i swear it looks like there is something up his ass it's funny as hell when he walks into a party because everyone jus wants to bust out laugh'n/a fool who walks around try'n to look like the man but all he's do'n is makeing it look like there is a broom up his ass
-damn look at that tight ass that jus walked into the room looks, like he's got something up his ass
by Brian B. March 16, 2005
Top Definition
A rear end that is exceptionally attractive, well-defined, or desirable according to the butt fad of the month.
Tight ass on that boy!
by MissionDoll November 11, 2004
A cheap person or a over cautious person. Tight taken from 'Uptight'.
Dude, Macv won't even hace people over cuz he thinks we will make a mess of his house, what a tight ass.
A small but really nice ass

It's really curvy and you just have lust for it.

Or when a girl just wears really tight skinny jeans that you can see her asscrack through them.
Man christina has such a tight ass in those jeans. I just wanna buttfuck her
by Niceazz September 22, 2009
combination of tight taken from uptight and ass taken from asshole. A tight ass is someone who could be uptight in a negative way.
That cop gave me a bullshit ticket. What a tight ass.
by Drew Gray December 03, 2005
someone who is reluctant to spend money when they have no reason not too
Sully is such a dumbass and a tightass, he works full time and has has no debts or anything important to spend his money on, yet he wont buy drinks for his mates
by GOD September 12, 2004
Someone who treats others ideas and opinions with scrutiny or sees the world in an extremely cynical and sarcastic view.
"Grady can be a real tightass sometimes."
by donnie December 08, 2004
Someone who has something up their butt. Tight asses generally don't enjoy anything fun, spontanious, or interesting.
Matt: Hey, do you want to come to a party with me tonight? We're going to get so wasted!

Jack: No thanks, what if we get in trouble!

Matt: Whatever. Stop being such a tight ass.
by Missouri March 18, 2008
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