The words Big 'Ol Titties flipped around in a latin sense to sound decisive, like Nucking Futs = Fucking Nuts. These words or this saying is used to describe a female with enormous breasts, usually 34C's and above.
"Damn did u see that jail bait ovar thurr?" Exclaimed Ammoseller "No", replied David Hasselhoff. "Well she had some TIGG OL BITTIES!!!", Ammoseller replies decisively. /nut busts.

or just straightforward:

(big titties spotted) "OH DAYUM TIGG OL BITTIEZ!!1!"
by Ammoseller February 10, 2008
Top Definition
First letters of Big'ol Titties, to form Tigg'ol Bitties.
You did you see that ho with thme tiggol bitties?
by ab123 October 13, 2006
it comes from the latin words "huge titts"
it means : big ass titys
damm greg, look at those fine ass titys!
by Ben B February 28, 2005
Disproportionately large breasts.
(Also sometimes shortened to tiggols)
Damn that girl's got some tiggol bitties!
by jizzlebertus July 24, 2003
"big ol' titties" a girl with a very large chest has tiggolbitties
"damn look at the tiggolbitties on her!"
by meli_ March 18, 2007
the opposite of bigg ol tittys but is better used to confuse a women
DAMN!!!!! lokk at the tigg ol bittys on that vaginal air biscuit
by guy who likes those tigg ol... August 08, 2009
Tigglebittys A female who's got large breastsbreast of female
TiggolbittysWhen someone says wow look at them big old tittys
by Cassie2Me April 23, 2016
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