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1. Dried, ground tiger penis, taken orally in the mistaken belief that it will increase one's virility, especially in the Orient.

2. Any substance whose purported benefits are wholly unsubstantiated, and whose use can generally be traced to tradition rather than reason. See rhino horn,Extenze.

3. More generally, any belief, system of beliefs, or practice whose efficacy is derived solely from the placebo effect. See homeopathy, reflexology, astrology.
1. While traveling in Shanghai, John visited the local apothecary for a tincture of tiger penis, in anticipation of his planned prurient pleasures.

2. Dave bought some Extenze after watching an infomercial; alas, it was mere tiger penis and his dreams of turgidity were shattered.

3. Years of backbreaking labor on the ozymandian islands of Dubai compelled Wayne to seek relief in the tiger penis offered by the local alternative medicine establishment, whose treatments' lack of salubrious effects can be traced to Wayne's rationalism.
by John W. Roberts January 25, 2009
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