big o titty
its a code so if your with a friend and your talkin about a girl in front of you she wont under stand
by Anonymous July 19, 2003
A play on words meaning the same thing as big o' tittys. Used when trying to disguise the phrase in an in-appropriate place.
That girls got some tig o' bittys
"No chest or Tig o' bittys"
-Ali in Breath In, Breath Out
by jimp puice October 31, 2007
A funnier way to say big ole' titties.
Damn!!! that bitch has got some tig -o- bitties.!!!
by wienersandwich May 10, 2011
superior mammory glands on a female. to be used in the prescence of said female, her friends, or another female to prevent thier knowledge of your opinion.
Them there babes got them tig o' bitties
by SpinCzar April 24, 2006
Super Big Titties On A Person
Hey, that manhoe-biscuit gots some small tigobitties
by Alex March 11, 2005
large as fuck titties
white boy: damn that nigger bitch has some tigo bitties.

sam (chinese mother fucker/ fuck chong): dude, i thout you knew i was gay..
by JACOB RALPH ARELLANO December 21, 2004

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