1. big ol' titties

2. refering to someone with big breats

3. an exclaimation of great joy; like saying,'Dude Awesome!'
2. *woman walks in*
guy 1: "Dude look, 3 o'clock, tig ol' bitties."
guy 2: "woah."
guy 1: "i know."

3. Guy 1: "Dude! we won!"
Guy 2: "Tig ol' Bitties!"
by qwertyfredfred December 26, 2010
A mysterious belief that switching the first constants of 2 words around is actually cool.
"Anyone who says "tig ol bitties" is a uckin' fidiot."
by Kristen December 01, 2003
Edited lyrics from the Lil John single, "Get Low."

Made into a cultural phenomena in 2003, the (Lil John and the Eastside Boyz} single scaled the charts onto the #2 US Billboard Hot 100 Singles spot.

Their hit song, Get Low paved way for young Christians nationwide to undergo verbal assualt such as "Crunk Juice" and "bend over to the front touch your toes."

The song was notably edited on radio and telecast airwaves. The dirty version is available at many retailers but Wal-Mart.

The following excerpt refers to the latter:

"Lil Jon and the East side boys wit me and we all like to see Ass and tities"

"Lil Jon and the East side boys wit me and we all like to see tig ol' bitties"
by Mortimer Smith November 30, 2006
a female who has large breasts. also referred to as big ol' titties.
Keisha got some tig ol' bitties.:refer 2 the lyrics of such rap artists like Da Brat, Snoop Dogg etc.
by Loreal March 10, 2006
A woman with HUGE breasts ((being saggy some of the time))
woah! look at them tig ol' bitties! they hott!
by ScotsTheSmiley May 08, 2007
A term used to discribe a females small breasts. These are usually characterized by a 'B' to "mosquito bites".
Damn look at them tig ol' bitties! They're so damn small!!
by Mr. Dicktionary December 03, 2008
When you want to say, " Woah, those are some big titties! " but you wanna be polite, so you gotta say, " You got nice tig Ol' bitties "
You: " You got Tig Ol' Bitties!"
Her: " What does that mean? "
You: " Don't worry about it "
by Hangover4000 November 17, 2014
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