Large breasts.
That girl has some tig ol' bitties.
by Isi Oamen February 08, 2004
The biggest pair of titties you've ever set your virgin eyes on.
Damn Billy, you mom sure has some tig ol bitties
by CAT_MARK_1 August 21, 2007
Large, bodacious breasts on the chest of a women who may or may not have any attractive value other than the sheer massive proportion of her chest.
She ain't too hot boy, but she got some Tig-Ol-Bitties!!!
by Buck May 09, 2003
large breasts.

switch the "t" and the "b" of the principle words and you'll see the root phrase.
I got some tig ol' bitties for yo' mouth!
by Contractor Peon December 01, 2003
Its just 'big ol tittys' re-arranged
look at them tig ol bittys!
by doodee pie August 28, 2003
A funny way to say "Big 'ol titties"
Used as a phrase, like as seen in Aqua Teen Hunger Force
"She had some tig 'ol bitties"
"Yeah...she shure did.."
by Arshen January 29, 2006
this occurs when a member of the female gender posseses what is known as "big tits",or "large jugs".
that wendy has some tig ol bitties
by phil brierley (leicester) March 04, 2004
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