fans, in Italian. Not hooligans. Does not exclude hooligans any more than "fans" in English does, but that's all it means: fans. Hooligans in Italian are "ultras," who do indeed often have strong political leanings to the right (Lazio ultras being the classic example). If "ultras" with strong political leanings to the left exist, it must be in a parallel universe ...

Antonio: ciao Vincenzo, Francesca, state tornando dalla partita?
Vincenzo: si', sai che siamo grandi tifosi della squadra, ma adesso dobbiamo fare la spesa per la mamma, e poi facciamo i compiti come i bravi ragazzi che siamo!

Translation: ciao Vincenzo, Francesco, are you coming back from the match?
Vicenzo: yes, you know we're huge tifosi of the team, but now we have to do the shopping for mamma and then we're going to do our homework like the good kids we are!
by watchafallingknife May 17, 2008
Top Definition
Italian word for "fans", not necessarily hardcore.

The hardcore fans are called ultras.

The singular of tifosi is tifoso.
My mates are Juventus tifosi, but they're not ultras
by bjps May 17, 2008
Brand of advanced bicycling eyewear. Designed for Enthusiasts. Retail $50-$70. Comes with hard case, and interchangeable lenses. 100% UVA & UVB protection. -Quality very very close to that of Oakley.
Bicyclist 1. "Damn it's really fuckin' bright out here and i can't see shit with this glare!

Bicyclist 2. " Hey!, you should try these Tifosi's! They reduce glare and protect your eyes! They are kinda pricey tho.."
by TlYuLtEzR December 22, 2008
the army of ferrari fans, especially at F1 races who turn out to support the great cars
the tifosi were out in force at monza
by chaos September 28, 2004
Italian hardcore soccer/football/footie hooligan or supporter.
In a lot of cases politically extreme winged (right or left).
Inter of Milan tifosi threw several flares to the pitch during the Champions League match.
by Kreutz March 02, 2006
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