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To talk with intent to a person of interest.

Classifies the stage in a relationship before it has become official. Slightly more than just talking, but less than dating. Still, neither party can deny the fact that there is a little somethin-somethin there.
Jack and Jill are both interested in each other. Though they may not both be aware of this fact, they begin talking on a more consistent basis. As friends begin to also become aware, these two are undoubtedly "tiffin' it".
May include, but isn't limited to: texting, chatting, messaging, hanging out, hooking up.

Acceptable uses:
"Steph talks to you every night, bro! I'm pretty sure you two are tiffin it!"

"Who are you tiffin it with these days?"

"Oh, its nothing serious just yet. Still a casual tiff."

"I definitely noticed the tiffage going on between you and Alex last night! Way to go!"

Originated in wyoming high school.
by getyourtiffon December 02, 2010