A movement often used in Parkour, simply jumping off the wall but at great speed and good angle, used to get onto or over obsticals (which can include people, animals, walls, poles, etc), usually used to get up and onto a wall.
"This is the place where you were chased that one day by that crazy guy, and if you beat him up you'd get in trouble, remember!" Jackal said. Alex strained for the memory, and then it came to him,
"I remember now! I did that Tic Tac over there to get over him, and did a little wall run over there to get up there-" Alex said pointing to places around the school, "And then I climbed up there to the roof, boy was that guy shocked!"
by Zsky2 May 26, 2006
Top Definition
a reference to an itty bitty penis
I heard from Virginia that David has a tic tac.
by Major JMC July 03, 2006
A dispensable breath mint. Commonly shaken in it's original container in the UK.
Only 2 calories FFS
by Clush February 19, 2004
Somebody who's penis is so small that it resembles a tic tac. They are usually named Sean or Andrew.
Brook: I thank that Sean Kid likes me!
Kent: Dont fuck him he is a tic tac.
by Kentissosexy! October 15, 2008
Breath Mints that have the same effect as a polo,

Tic Tacs have been explored as having a certain pulling power. Most notably the advert which shows a girl flirting with two idiots by shaking her tic tac's instead of...shaking something else. Suprisingly some people thought it could actually work.

Its a dumb advertisment. People have tried but failed with this pulling technique
"Did she just shake her Tic Tacs at me?"
by dickvandyke15 November 15, 2009
Extremely small breasts (see also "three calories")
"Damn, that chick aint got no kinda titties! She just sportin some tic tacs n shit!"
by jonbeazles August 23, 2004
1: a small breath freshener

2: errect nipples seen through clothing.
"i used a tic tac befor i went out on my date."

"wow... it must be cold in here, that girls got tic tacs!"
by Shinigami Dani July 18, 2003
An extremely small erection bearing much resemblance to a tic-tac mint.
Zach was popping a tic-tac on Alix yesterday.
by Cupe-Docta December 29, 2008
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