cheese, similar to that of cheese nips or better cheddars
can you please pass the tibble?

I'd like a double quarter pounder, ...hold the tibble

may i have some tibblenips?
by psuedomex December 22, 2005
Top Definition
tibbles, commonly used as a compliment, meaning good friend! tibbles is also a nickname of my best friend andy! he rules!!!!
Mr pie:your so tibbles
translation: your so amazing!
by alex March 04, 2005
The act of nibbling a breast, aka a bitty. The act of tibbling bitties.
I totally tibbled her bitties last night.
by cricketbell April 23, 2010
The greatest nickname anyone could have.
Tyler's nickname is tibbles.
by Tibbleznumberthre3 May 20, 2013
When a person has only one testicle (whether it's from surgery or a birth defect), the name of that singular testicle is a tibble.
Gavin only has one ball!

Yeah, it's called a tibble.
by ringling December 29, 2014
those snacks office folk keep on their desk to ward off hunger during those insanely late nights working.
May I have some of your tibbles? I just ran out.
by dexblack October 14, 2007
The inside of a butthole.
Andrew, you really need to clean your tibble for Mrs. Miller tonight.
by April 20, 2009

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