Tiana is the most beautiful girl you would ever meet in your life. She is funny, bright, happy, cheerful, fun, and most of all, she's always there for you. Always.

Tiana may be considered a hero or a saviour sometimes due to her devotedness and affection towards the people she loves. Tiana is true perfection in human form. Fuck Jesus - Tiana's the shit!
Tiana has the most beautiful body, but somewhat fails to believe it, so ALWAYS tell Tiana she's amazing!!
"Who are you talking to?"
by beli4b5 March 22, 2013
Top Definition
greek name meaning "princess"
Tiana is so cool she is just like the princess her name says she is!
by tiana g April 28, 2006
A stunning young lady, who captures your attention at first glance. She is whitty, charming, hilarious, a GREAT lover and always fun to be around. She's a hopeless romantic and will stop at nothing to get the boy she wants. She loves her mary jane and is a great friend to all. Tiana can be a lil' nutty, but thats only because she has such an over active mind. If you ever meet a Tiana you will fall in love and surely will never regret it.
"Let's just say, yesterday was great"
"Cuz .... I was with tiana :)"
"Dude, you are one lucky man, shes the shit!!!"
by thamacdaddie March 14, 2010
a hot girl, who's good at sex and is very flirtatious.
Dude you got a Tiana?!
by tiana69 May 11, 2008
an insane person who can be read like an open book. They are always there for you and will never betray you. They can be stubborn but hyper and will always help you out.
by Hinote October 23, 2009
feng shui meaning 'beauty and grace'
1 "shes SO tiana"
2 "have you seen her dance?"
by TiMa01 September 08, 2009
a beautiful girl who is a big flirt. gets bored with guys easy, and likes what she cant have. She is amazing in bed and can seduce a guy in seconds. She is sweet at the heart and usally has very nice hair. she is usally crazy with friends but can bevery serious when it comes down to it. shes never thinking about one thing, but about very many things at once. youd be lucky to have a tiana she is sweet and loving and a great friend.
synonym for tiana: princess
by brandon111 July 14, 2011
A Crazy Hyper and fun loving girl! she always will put a smile on your face and she is a hell of a athlete. She can party till theres no tomorrow. A princess is the perfect definition,! All the guys drool over her and pray for a chance to be with her. She is an amazing actor.
Did you hang out with tiana yesterday!
yeah, man!
you lucky son of a b*****!
by Clare008 April 10, 2011
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