a band that's evil plan backfired.

Their goal in calling themselves 'thursday' was to NOT be streotyped.

Poor guys, it ended up associating them with 'saves the day' (non-generic, but ver dis-similar) and 'taking back sunday' (sounds like everyone else, but was slightly better before john nolan left)

In any case, thursday is most definately 'post-hardcore.'

the lyrics are never repetative, like crap ass pop muisic, and rarely deal with the cliche girlfirend story (hence, not emo). But weather they are 'good' falls to opinion (i love 'em)
Guy1 "Thursday rocked live"
Guy2 "Yea, so did coheed and cambria"
Guy1 "No, I really mean it."
Guy2 "Oh... aren't you supposed to say that even if the concert sucks?"
Guy1 "Uh, I don't think so ."
Guy2 "Oh... then coheed and cambria sounded like willain hung from american idol"
by pirate March 26, 2005
A great band, which probably prefers not to be classified under any particular genre, especially not screamo. Go look on the websites under "ask thursday." There should be a question pertaining to this matter. In any case, a totally kick ass band.
Oh man, Thursday is playing tonight i'm glad i got tickets in advance!
by Understand? September 22, 2003
the day of teasing because you know friday is hours away but you cant be in friday yet.
it really sucks its thursday but one more day!!!!!!!!
by just another follower February 03, 2011
A slang term used to describe men and women of Asian decent. Usually used in conjunction with terms such as "dog eater," "cat eater," "cock fight," "chopsticks," "bad driving," and the expression: "Oh...Rearry?" The term was coined in Hollywood by The M of T and friends. The reason 'Thursday' became the slur was due partially to the Nagasaki atomic detonation of the "Fat Man" nuclear device on Thursday, August 9th, 1945, and the little know fact that the first official drivers license was issued to an Asian on a Thursday back in 1917 signaling the END of safe roads and highways in America. Thank God there were no cell phones back then. The rest of the weekdays represent different racial categories to help disguise affectionate sayings and niceties, as well.
Person 1: I hate dog eating Thursdays.

Person 2: Ret's go to Horrywood and get our drivers ricenses.

Person 1: Shut up Thursday, I hate you!

Person 2: Oh rearry?
by RedNeckZilla August 12, 2008
n. a wanna-be Friday;a day to anticipate Friday; pseudo Friday that makes everyone believe it's Friday and then everyone is disappointed when it is actually not
"Is it Friday yet?"
"Nope, it's Thursday"
"Ugh. Screw Thursday"
by RISxLOVESxMUSIC April 21, 2009
The worst day of the week. Hands down.
George: Hey. what day is it?

Tony: It's thursday bro.

George: ...damn.
by Peggy Swansinburg January 04, 2010
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