1. A day of the week.
2. An emo band that is very poular and actually pretty good. For more on the band type Thursday in google genius.
Dude, Thursday is playing at the knitting factory this week. Sweet!
by PujjyWujjyOTG March 29, 2005
AMAZING band. Geoff is a lyrical genius and the band as a whole kicks arse! Check them out!
Thursday will one day rule the world.
by Chrissy July 30, 2004
great band. makes me think of good times
thursday wil give you a ride. no joke
by no hay problema February 29, 2004
The greatest band to exsist. Seriously.
I love the new album from Thursday!
by juliet January 26, 2004
most definatly the best damn band ever. www.thursday.net
Thursday, what else needs to be said
by yeah December 08, 2003
The best day of the week it's cause you can just chill and not worry about shit smoke some weed fuck a bitch and snort some blow listen to Thursday by the weeknd and ull see how to live on Thursdays.
Friday After Listening to Thursday.
Bob: Who did u fuck yesterday?
Gary: Cindy we fucked and then snorted some blow and listened to the Thursday Mixtape by The Weeknd.
Bob: Nice I just touched my self it's proable cause I didn't listen to Thursday so I couldn't get a bitch to fuck.
Gary: Yea that was deff ur issue OvOXO till Drake ass rapes me.
by OvO XO January 24, 2012
Commonly known as "thirsty thursday" a day of the week when no matter what time you have class on friday, you see it as a challenge to get as drunk as possible and make it to class with a major hangover or if you are extremely successful you just keep drinking and go to class drunk.

To many Thursday is seen as a challenge and not a time to get drunk because fellow class mates really appreciate someone stumbling into class on Friday morning.
Let's get drunk tonight.

Dude I have class at 8 tomorrow.

Corey, Its Thursday.

Ok. Get a case a forties and lets get krunk.
by waynanator October 01, 2005
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