The day that Arthur Dent never could get the hang of.
Also the day Earth was blown up by Vogons.
by sZZ9pZa June 09, 2005
the greatest fucking day ever made. usually dedicated to lots of hot sex. including morning sex. you will be very sore and friday and will typically have a limp. but it's worth it.
guy: "hey babe, lets go Thursday ;)"
girl: "oh fuck yeah, come and get it"
by CarlosMargarita January 23, 2011
An amazing band...

Geoff Rickly is a beautiful man!
We can rise on the wings of the dove, see blue skies getting caught in the trail of all this smoke. We can rise like candles in the dark. -Yours Always
by n!gger January 07, 2005
Worst day of the week. Sort of mocking you that the weeks almost over but you still have some work to do. No pizza specials at all. You usually run out of clothes to wear to skool by thursday. You dont give a damn about how you look. Most people do not like Thursday.
Man I wish thursday could be over so we could have a kick-ass friday.
by Danibee December 23, 2005
The day of the week where nothing counts!
If something happens only once, and it was a Thursday, then it is as if it never happened at all.
Hands down, the best day of the week.
Andrew: You think you can just have sex with another man and get away with it?
Cliff: But, it only happened once! And it was Thursday!
Andrew: Oh... Well then I guess it doesn't count, and you're not gay.
by Cliff A September 05, 2008
One of my favorite bands. Their songs are pure quality, not your "Run of the mill" groups such as Nickelback.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Hey kids, did you know that Thursday happens to be one of my favorite bands?

Some random kid: Yeah, you told me a thousand times.
by Not Zane August 10, 2004
the best day of the week. crazy shit happens! girls make-out! and sometimes ppl get randomly humped! then they go get high.
OMG! ITs thursday!

no dude its monday!

not anymore! 2 chicks just madeout
by thursdayz April 30, 2009

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