a band that's evil plan backfired.

Their goal in calling themselves 'thursday' was to NOT be streotyped.

Poor guys, it ended up associating them with 'saves the day' (non-generic, but ver dis-similar) and 'taking back sunday' (sounds like everyone else, but was slightly better before john nolan left)

In any case, thursday is most definately 'post-hardcore.'

the lyrics are never repetative, like crap ass pop muisic, and rarely deal with the cliche girlfirend story (hence, not emo). But weather they are 'good' falls to opinion (i love 'em)
Guy1 "Thursday rocked live"
Guy2 "Yea, so did coheed and cambria"
Guy1 "No, I really mean it."
Guy2 "Oh... aren't you supposed to say that even if the concert sucks?"
Guy1 "Uh, I don't think so ."
Guy2 "Oh... then coheed and cambria sounded like willain hung from american idol"
by pirate March 26, 2005
Top Definition
The best day of the week to have sex. I'm not kidding. It adds a whole 'nother level to it.
Person 1: Whatcha doin' Thursday?
Person 2: Linda's coming over.
Person 1: Holy shit. *falls down dead in amazement*
by John November 25, 2003
verb: to partake in anal sex
noun: anal sex
We just thursdayed, and now i can't even walk.

Mayne, i gotta get me some thursday soon.
by Eli "the gangster" January 27, 2008
Generally a pretty solid day. By the time Thursday rolls around, you are more than half-way done with the standard 5 day work/school week. Thursday's have a way of comforting many before exciting weekends.
I like Thursdays, something about em.
by Jakabones August 12, 2006
Friday for most college students.
"Let's go to the bar, it's Thursday. Fuck Friday classes."
by TomKVideo August 27, 2009
one hell of a band.
thursday is very nice.
by wo0eof0esogdfo June 20, 2003
The day that Arthur Dent never could get the hang of.
Also the day Earth was blown up by Vogons.
by sZZ9pZa June 09, 2005
the one day of the week where it's ok to be gay
your ass is mine on thursday
by megatronjb December 28, 2009
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