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1. the magical power of shooting lightning bolts out of the nipples
2. a girl who shows off a lot to impress males in order to have sex with them
wow look at thunder tits over there she's bareing it all just for that douche
by killmeihavenolife21 May 06, 2010
18 5
Breasts that are pale to the point of translucence, showing the underlying veinwork, which resembles lightning. Often used as a derogatory title.
Man, Thundertits over there sure is a slut.
by WangFung May 05, 2004
14 6
Boys with really hugh tits and nipples
man u have some big thunder tits'.
by thuderrrrr March 21, 2011
2 2
david "tad" richards
hey thunder tits! quit playing xbox live and work on your binary skills!
by marty yates August 26, 2004
10 48