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A sad person who asks for thumbs up on their youtube comment. Usually the comment contains "thumbs up if"
Thumbs up if you hate thumbs up whores!
by inventorofthumbsupwhore June 30, 2010
When people on youtube make extremely annoying comments saying "Thumbs up if you agree".
Thumbs up if you think im a thumbs up whore!
by DangerzoneX February 26, 2011
you know the fag in the youtube comments section that says something almost everyone can agree on. then they beg people to give them a thumbs up so that their comment will be in the highest rated comments at the top of the comments.
cocksucker89: hey guys thumbs up if you think this girl is hot!

fuckoffdickhead 92: @cocksucker 89... go fuck yourself you thumbs up whore!!!!
by littlesweetdick September 14, 2010
A person that makes it a sport to get a comment into the highest rated comment section on youtube by posting a message that adds nothing to the video but is guaranteed to receive many thumbs up. Examples include, but are not limited to:
1) abusing an old and tired internet meme
2) using phrases that begin with "Thumbs up if..."
3) if the video was bad, pointing out that watching the video was a waste of time
4) squeezing Justin Bieber into the formula
2) Thumbs up if you've ever taken a shit
3) Well that's 5 seconds of my life I'll never get back!
4) Now lets try that with Justin Bieber!

those guys up there are such thumbs up whores!
by definethisdefinethat February 21, 2011
Someone who posts a comment on Youtube Videos saying something stupid or obvious.
However, some retarded people really thumbs up these comments.
Examples for Thumbs Up Whore.

thumbsupwhore1998 "Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2011!!!11!! XDDDD"

desperatethumbupguy97: "Thumbs up if you clicked this video."

anti-bieberfag98: "thumbs up if you think justin bieber sucks."

Coolguy: "@thumbsupwhore1998 GTFO!"
by randomguyblablabla July 04, 2011
A user on youtube who will always start their comment with "Thumbs up if...", Usually saying something against Justin Beiber.
Like Bar:====================
Dislike Bar:=

Youtubeuser000:Thumbs up if you thinks the dislike bar is the size of justin beibers dick

*Other User thumbs down comment and adds reply*
Stop being such a thumbs up whore.
by MotorheadFan000 March 02, 2011
Someone who votes thumbs up on their own urban dictionary definitions by running from computer to computer to computer everyday so they get more than their allocated single vote.
Look at the "thumbs up whore" go. That must be the sixteenth computer she's used to thumbs up her urban dictionary definition.
by Mr. Bear Man February 03, 2010
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