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the only place where thugs get in free and you gotta be a g.
tupac lives at thugs mansion. along with billy holiday and malcolm x.
by rynl September 04, 2007
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"a place where thugs get in free and you got to be a G" A place for a thug. Adoment to heaven but for the reformed thugs that did what they had to do but for a perpose. Publicized by Tupac Shakure
niggas need a spot where we can kick it a spot where we belong thats just for us niggas aing got to get all dressed up and be hollywood nawmean where do we go when we die aint no heaven for a thug nigga thats why we go to thugs mansion.
by DAAMM June 06, 2006
sky high iced out paradise chromed out mansion in paradise. Place where G's can hang out in the hoods of heaven.
Hey man you want to go get hit up at the thugs mansion.

Bitch please im not dead
by Da elevator May 15, 2006

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