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A urban social classification which encompasses the sterotypical persona of a "tough guy" or a intimidating figure (usually thought to be a rambuncious individual) , who endulges in permiscuious activity. (Mainly refering to a more sexual personality)
"Baby, im a freak! They call me "Thug Nasty, Nasty Thug
by Sk8ty Pow Pow September 01, 2009
the straight up g money gangstas who roll 10 deep and bust caps in all them peeps who hate and discriminate. usually someone who is not of white man's descent.
full watch out for that thug nasty rollin down the street.
by j rod my nizzle November 19, 2005
Used to describe one who is tough, unscrupulous, and most likely involved in organized crime.
Man, that is one thug nasty motherfucker!
by Funkdubious January 21, 2004
something that is really good or really fun
that party was thugnasty
by Earl the Pearl August 21, 2007
when you are the hardest nigga around and you know it and everyone else knows it and know one complain
Im so thug nasty I can clog the toilet when i piss.
by hiphop101 January 15, 2009
The nastiest of them all, but can be thuggin' at the same time. Using the rap gem, his rap isn't artificial and comes from the true thuggin' mothafucka heart. This the real OG straight from the ghetto hood!
After I had McDonald's for 3 days, I was turning into Thug Nasty.
by The Penis Bender November 12, 2012
ThugNasty, A mythical being, and also The notorious leader of all thursdays alongside with party gods Canas, BigBird, Tocino, & Balz. ThugNasty Is Said To have killed so many men, each hair on his gangsta ass arm represents 5 murders each. ThugNasty is also claimed to be releaed from the asylum every October 19th to party his mythical gangsta ass off!
A Wild ThugNasty Appears! ThugNasty Used PimpCane! It Was Super Effective! R.I.P Dude ThugNasty Just Massacred...
by DatNiqqaBalz October 19, 2011