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When a girl has love for a guy even though he is a thug.
I have thug love for my boyfriend even though he's in Jail.
by Jordon Cloud July 14, 2005
When you beat your bitch, cheat on your bitch, give her disease, fuck her friend, run up her credit cards, stay out for days at a time, and show up with flowers, a gold toof smile, sayin " I love you girl". sentence available.....
by rhythm November 08, 2004
Thug Love means never having to saying you're sorry.
"Johnny you didn't come home last night!" "And...? Bitch I ain't saying sorry, Thug Love BITCH!"
by @iamSuperLips February 18, 2012
Thugs on the Down Low
When you have a thugged out cat creepin with another thugged out cat. "That's Thug Love"
by Kasabah January 23, 2007
when two people of the hip hop culture love each other
by blanca July 11, 2003
The ghetto folk version of taking advantage of a woman for sex.
Yea baby, I'll show you some thg love.
by WhiteZero May 24, 2003
Thug love is when 2 thugs(same sex) love each other
Watch boondocks there is a whole episode on thug love
by MEGAme August 09, 2007

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