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n. Term used for an individual that is attractive, decorative and serves no functional purpose.
Is she ever going to finish that project?

Don't expect much, she's a throw pillow.
by dreamwalkin March 03, 2009

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1. a woman who will preform lewed sexual acts anywhere.
2.a woman with little or no sexual scruples; a complete whore
"Sorry Billy, it tuns out that you were conceived in a subway bathroom. Your mother is a real nasty throwpillow."
by aris22 June 01, 2006
There's two definitions of Throw Pillows.
Version #1: Throwing pillows at a slumber party, dolls lingering with stuffed animals.
Version #2: Giggity Giggity, Oh Right!! <-- Hint: Horny parents getting it on.
V1: Timmeh: Dude, those girls look extremely hot throwing pillows. I can see it out my window!

V2: Morgan: Hey boy, wanna throw pillows?
Jay: Huh? Oh well, seems fun.
3 hours later....
Morgan: Zomfg, that was exciting!
Jay: Ah shit, now we've got a mess on our sheets.
by Mnemic July 12, 2008