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1. When a girl is giving you a blow job and she throws up, and the blow job continues.


2. As a girl is throwing up you stick your dick in her mouth.
Shit, I was getting some bomb dome, and the girl started gagging and throwing up; damn, those throw jobs feel great.
by shit on my chest July 19, 2006

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When someone throws up while giving someone else a BJ.
Mother: What's that noise?

Boy: What noise?

Mother: Oh my God, what is that naked lady on the computer doing?

Boy: Giving that guy a throwjob.

Mother: I think you need help.
by the dirty liberal December 19, 2009
When a girl is performing fellatio and involuntarily vomits on the male penis.
After drinking too much on her wedding night, Jeanene was giving a mean blow job and accidentally turned it into a throw job.
by Nicehole October 03, 2014