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A male who likes to "jack off" or masturbate alot.
"Hey throttle jockey, did u have fun with pamela handerson last night??"
by Zac April 11, 2004

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A person who races anything with a throttle on it. Hand-eye coordination and concentration are the key elements of being a throttle jockey as where physical condition is not.

Example: Nascar drivers
Damn throttle jockeys are out street racing again tonite!
by MustangGT September 25, 2005
Soemone who loiters around gay bars, has mental issues and frequents News community groups, such as newstalkback.au.
Oooo I'm feeling so poofy Throttlejockey I'm going to hang around a gay bar with a jar of vaseline.
by Innocent bum boy lover April 16, 2010