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The Throggs Neck Boulevard is a block in the Bronx neighborhood of Throggs Neck known to have a large number of kids of all ages always on the corner drunk and/or high. This block is on constant watch by the 45th pct. and the cops are always around due to the large number of fights and drugs. There is always multiple fights and the drugs are a big problem throughout the entire neighborhood. This block is known for having the Throggs Neck Little Leauge field, St. Frances de Chantal elemntary school, and CJ's Deli, which is technically called TJ's Lizzies but if you were truly from "the blvd" you do not use that name due to the fact it has been called CJ's for years before that. The blvd along with edgewater and silver beach represents the neighborhood of throggs neck. The blvd kids for generations have called themselves T.N.B. this standing for throggs neck boys or simply throggs neck blvd. There is always a large number of people on this block, but everyone knows who is really a blvd kid.
The Throggs Neck Blvd is big on fighting and partying.
by a thuggs neck kid June 29, 2008
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