1. Term in radiology used to describe the likelihood that the direction that the penis is hanging towards is the side of the trauma or injury.
2. Can also be referred to as a positive or negative throckmorton.

positive throckmorton-toward the injury

negative throckmorton - away from the injury

Direction of the dangle points the way to the pain.
Tech: "Is that a hairline fracture in the left femur?"

Radiologist: "Why of course! Didn't you notice the throckmorton?"
by pseudoten June 05, 2010
Top Definition
A phrase describing the curvature of one's penis. It is used in conjunction with left of right to describe the side to when the penis curves.
My weiner curves to the left, therefore I am throck morton left.
by peeweejd March 25, 2004
In the medical field, Throck Morton's describes a situation in which a male's penis points to the affected leg or side.
Doctor: "This man's got a hairline fracture on the left proximal neck of the femur."

Nurse: "I don't see anything how can you tell?"

Doctor: "Throck Morton's on the left."
by super monkey man October 12, 2006
people of the land of Mor (in Ireland) of the clan Throck.
(comes from ireland...)
The Throck Morton's are a fine bunch!
by aaron June 06, 2004
When you are about to bring a girl to your bedroon to have sex and you tell as many friends as possible to hide in your room to witness the event.
Hey....throckmorton in my room in 10 minutes...
by Juan Blanco July 12, 2003
n: invented by Sir Thomas Throckmorton after a series of pisswangle accidents in the 1870's in which gentlemens' nuts were crushed by the wangle rollers, this device allowed only the willy itself to be drawn through the rollers of the pisswangle thus sparing the nads.
Egad you swine! You've drawn my balls straight through the throckmorton!
by Nate December 17, 2004
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