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An early morning blow job that replaces the oatmeal component of breakfast in bed.
"Dude, I feel so energized today. Vanessa made breakfast in bed and she had some throat meal."
by jackowalkie March 23, 2010
when giving a blowjob, once who swallows ends up ingesting this. a synonym for spooge, jizz, cum, etc. can also be used to refer more generally to the passive act of giving a blowjob.
so dude - how did it go last night? did you serve your girlfriend some throatmeal?
by Terranova June 06, 2007
When you cum in a girls mouth, she swallows it, but throws it back up later when you are making out with her and it is the consistency of oatmeal.
Did you hear that Randy got a nice warm bowl of Throatmeal from his wife last night.
The stuff you cough up when you have a bad cold. It has the consistency & texture of oatmeal.
Pardon me. I need to step outside & launch some throatmeal.

phlegm expectorate mucus sputum loogie
by Mike Palomar January 26, 2015
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