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PowerPoint, Excel and Word
Alan: Don't thank me - thank the Microsoft Office family. PowerPoint, Excel and Word - the Three Amigos.
by joewoods January 24, 2011
When a girl sits between two guys and gives both guys a handjob at the same time, thus making them all close friends (amigos).
My buddy and I met this hot chick at a Frazier's last night and we all went back to her place and she gave us a three amigos.
by HNIC September 08, 2006
the best movie of all time. has extended deep roots into american culture and way of life. there is a salsa named after a character in the movie at moe's burrito joint. the infamous salsa is a little taste of mexico.
hey dad, what are we going to do now that we won the lottery?
we are going to watch three amigos!
by gomizzou November 18, 2007