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a sexual position involving one male and two females, the male is to stand upright infront of a bed or table while a female is facing up. the man is going vaginal on female number one ( on the table or bed) and female number two has her vag up on the mans face and her legs are on his shoulders. female number 2 is faced down kissing female 1 while both of their vaginas are played with by the man. this position looks like a 4 ....therefore..... its a three some making a four....THREE SOME FOUR!

it is also the name of a upcoming band from baldwin park (its spelled 3 somefour)
" dude two chicks and me jus had a three some four last night.....i pleased two chicks at one time!!!"

"oh man i cant wait for 3somefour to play at madd matt's house this summer....they give me a musical fungasm!!!"
by brainrotter June 21, 2009
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