the best movie of all time. has extended deep roots into american culture and way of life. there is a salsa named after a character in the movie at moe's burrito joint. the infamous salsa is a little taste of mexico.
hey dad, what are we going to do now that we won the lottery?
we are going to watch three amigos!
by gomizzou November 18, 2007
Top Definition
When a girl sits between two guys and gives both guys a handjob at the same time, thus making them all close friends (amigos).
My buddy and I met this hot chick at a Frazier's last night and we all went back to her place and she gave us a three amigos.
by HNIC September 08, 2006
PowerPoint, Excel and Word
Alan: Don't thank me - thank the Microsoft Office family. PowerPoint, Excel and Word - the Three Amigos.
by joewoods January 24, 2011
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