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stupid self centered unreliable cocky bitchy ass-licking cock sucking pussy eating wretched fucking hoe

she thinks shes so fucking gorgeous even thought her face is filthy with acne fucking scars

shes so fucking inconsiderate but thinks everyone loves her

shes a not a fucking virgin and she did more than 30 times with this boyfriend that didnt even like her and even did AFTER they broke up, i mean seriously how slutty is that

has no fucking ass or tits yet thinks she has an amazing body fucking lotsa inside thight fat, shaped like an upright rectangle with a fucking bigass head and oily ass hair.

the thinks shes the best when everyone talks shit to her and behind her. shes fucking annoying, i wish she would live somewhere far far away.
shes just like this mongolian girl
by just someone out there June 04, 2011
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