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when two people are just quietly enjoying a good laugh and a third person comes into the equation displaying their satisfaction with the joke. a joke that just wasn't meant to be for them.
Elton Chigumbura: and then i said alright i'll do it but i'm not going to enjoy it

George Dockrell: that's what your sister said to me last night

Elton Chigumbura:George Dockrell: ahaahhahhahhahahah

Eric Szwarczynski: *walks in quietly wondering what all the commotions about*
AHAHAHHA fuck that's a good one AHAHAHA HOO HOO HHAA

Elton Chigumbura: *giving eric a dirty look*
George Dockrell: piss off eric go bang ariel, we don't want your third party laugh here.
Elton Chigumbura: haha good one George

George Dockrell: *gives Elton dirty look* what you laughing at kent?
by finn+maeve=sir duffington May 01, 2010
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