When a woman's pussy lips and thighs are both so ginormous that it fuses together as one.
I can't fasten my zipper. My thips keep getting in the way.

I can't put that catheter in unless someone holds the thips up and out of the way.
by elvira69 January 22, 2011
Top Definition
Thip is the noise it makes when you open or close a refrigerator.
The refrigerator made the familiar thip sound as I retrieved another beer.
by Andy S. May 30, 2006
An amazing Thai restaurant in Belleville IL. The food being so amazing that one must visit the restaurant atleast once a week to feel that their life has meaning.
Sum Guy: Hey buddy, errbody n'da club gettin' Thips?
Buddy: Yeah, Thips sounds good for lucnuh.
by kRabbit August 09, 2006
Thighs and hips combined; on a large woman.
Daymn, she had some wide thips.
Thick and Hips Combined make Thips. Big Thick Hips,
Mami got Thips!!!!!!!!
by BlkGoddess42 October 31, 2005
Thats Hilarious I Peed

The new texting term thats replacing "lol"
You: yo mama so fat shes blocking the sun!
Me: Thip
by S, Austin July 09, 2013
Thigh hips.
When someone has big thighs and no hip.

Person 1: "The girl's hips are really low"
Person 2: "Yeah, she has thips"
by Nutt3rz August 27, 2012
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