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A code of laws for whores that contains knowledge about:
1.) The appropriate attire of a whore
2.) Whore do's and don'ts
3.) Dealing with other whores
4.) Dealing with pimps
5.) The way of the whore
6.) Whore how to's
7.) Whore history
Example 1:

"Before you can be officially initiated into the cheer squad, you must memorize the Thewhoreus."
by Loose Latina July 23, 2009
Constantly referring to the thesaurus to find more 'complicated' words than any you can think of; treating the thesaurus like a cheap whore. Often results in an awkward turn of phrase.

Refer to the Twilight series.
Stephenie Meyer is a classic the-whore-us. Her harrowing writing style makes me feel ghoulish.
by Oomploomp September 02, 2010
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