the greek god thesaurus
"thesaurus" killed the "minotur"
by an anonymous source November 27, 2003
Top Definition
A scholarly dinosaur known worldwide for his knowledge of words of all kind.
The brachiosaurus consulted the wise Thesaurus upon synonyms of "extinct".
by Mickey Mouse June 18, 2003
The smartest dinosaur known to man.
Einstein: E=MC2
Thesaurus: Duh
by King of the Oregon Trail October 09, 2007
THE ONE dinosaur who was so "the shit", that he needed no prefix.
Daaaaym, THEsaurus is so the shit!

by Craptoidilus February 23, 2008
A big book that college kids use to sound smart when they have nothing relevant to say.
"Hey, what's another word for marginalize?"
"I don't know... look it up in the thesaurus!"
by Wallbridge June 28, 2006
1. A major source of humour for anyone who has really nothing at all to do.
2. A dinosaur? Possibly.
3. A book which contains synonyms. Ironically, the word "thesaurus" has no synonyms.
1. Hey, apparently, "dice" is a synonym for "frangepanni" and "frangepanni" is a synonym of "bad spelling"!
2. (see the entry for "Thesaurus" below...)
3. z0mg, ROFLMFAO!!!!
by Whittsnake November 15, 2005
it's NOT a fuckin dinosaur!
steve: thesaurus
timwu: Isn't that a dinosaur?
steve: No u fuckin idiot!( and leaves)
by Tim Wu January 17, 2008
Another book much like a dictionary, but is used to find words that mean the same things as other, in other words used to find words synonyms.
"I used a thesaurus? to look up fag, and found the name Jonas."
by Fabio Sisparro November 28, 2006
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