To look up in a thesaurus.
I couldn't figure out another word for supercalifragilisticespiadaldoscious, I had to thesaurasize.
by Reinah June 03, 2005
Top Definition
To completely ruin an essay by referring to a thesaurus for every other word, thus inserting words that you don't really understand the definition of to make yourself appear smarter to the reader.
"Man, Julia's essay would have been amazing if she hadn't thesaurasized the damn thing. Now she just looks ignorant."
by StormInATeacup16x December 13, 2007
The act of looking up words within a thesaurus, either online or otherwise, and gently supplanting them with other, more well-meaning words.

Such as, kennel with cage.
"Yo, whatchu up to, mah nigga?"

"Allow me to assist you in your quest of a better word, sir. Let us, thesaurasize. Let us look up a better, politer term in place of the ghetto, negative 'nigga'."

"How about I assist you in rearranging your face?"

"Nigga, it is."
by sparklez mcfarklz August 06, 2014
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