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When a Theresa enjoys smacking a Tony in the balls out in the friggin public :)

When a Theresa enjoys smacking a Tony in the butt out in the friggin public
Theresatony: *smack penis*
Theresa: ehhheheee
Tony: oww@Wtf! (fml)

theresatony: *smack butt* hehehhe!
theresa: its socially "acceptablwe" to drink now!!

tony: wtf?! (fml)
by shit huh? March 12, 2010
A Man-woman. Long legs that can sparatically disperse a small amount of fluid from the toes. A fungi. When separated (theresa tony) nobody wants to hang out with them. One is stupid and thinks he is funny (theresa, ya he) and the other sits and plays with himself. (tony)

When rubbed together create a glue-like substance that contains mint strips. So cassie's can lick it and feel clean.

Never a good character in a story. Will likely stab there friends in the back..or the chest, cuz they dont care if you can see them do it.

If you go fishing with half of a theresatony, you'll probably either get your fish stolen because once caught, half of the theresatony will probably jump in and bite the fish off your hook and say they caught it; or the other half of a theresatony will just push you in because they think its funny.

Person: Why are you wet?

Person the person asked: Because of theresatony.

Person: Why are your hands creamy?

Person the person asked: I was massaging a theresatony and cum came out it's toes?
by cbone_40;) October 15, 2008
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