A building where one may watch a play: a group of actors, often a theatre company, acting out a story of sorts.

Personally, I find the theatre entertaining once in a while, but after being dragged there once too often I absolutely detest it. I have always preferred films to plays.
Sorry, I can't meet up tonight, I have to go to the theatre with my family. *Shudder*
#actor #thespian #play #stage #auditorium
by Demonic Goldfish April 01, 2007
What elitist actors say when people ask them why they are living in a box, because they are too embarased to say theater, like normal people. Also could come from the fact that they think they are too perfect for theater.
Right now I am working in theatre, and the joy I get from these thespian workings far outways my lack of worldly possesions
by phi April 25, 2004
(n)The home of all those thousands of people who just aren't good enough to get into the movies.

(v)To act, participate in, or work in a play or scene for money.
(n)Well, after Hollywood didn't work out, I'm into theatre to get some money for now.

(v) Dude, did you hear what happened to Matthew? He's stuck doin' theatre now.
by Wil Smith March 01, 2004
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